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SkyCiv for Education

With SkyCiv Education, students are able to access SkyCiv on their own devices: anywhere, at anytime they want. Our mission is to make it easier for students to learn structural engineering principles through our powerful and intuitive software.

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Different from many traditional structural analysis software that are clunky and difficult to use, SkyCiv is very intuitive and easy to use. Apart from that, our helpful Documentation Centre provides a variety of tutorials, videos and articles to learn how to use it.

From Statics, Mechanics of Solids, to Structural Analysis and FEA, SkyCiv software is being used to compliment learning in the classroom and beyond. At SkyCiv, we are dedicated to supporting education and assisting the development of skills in our future engineers.

Why SkyCiv?

Powerful and Easy-to-use Structural Engineering Software
Instant Access
Full Worked Solutions
SkyCiv Education Portal

Instant Access

Access files and software all from a web browser. No downloading, installation or maintenance. Students can now take their software home with them!

Give access to students whenever they need it! Forget booking the lab, teach in the classroom - with students able to access the software directly from their own devices.

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SkyCiv Hanger Design Case Study


Intuitive and user friendly, no training sessions required. A great introductory software for students - with all of the power and none of the complexity. The accounts also give students access to a comprehensive documentation filled with self-help videos, tutorials and written articles on modelling, analysis and design concepts.

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SkyCiv Worked Solutions

Full Worked Solutions

Clean and organized full working out hand solutions for the reaction forces, the shear force diagrams and the bending moment diagrams allows students to track their mistakes and learn these hand-written processes.

Allow students to track their step by step calculations and experiment with different beam setups, loadings and supports.

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Case Studies

Helping Students around the World
SkyCiv Monash University Testimonial
"I used SkyCiv as part of my Spaghetti bridge assignment and I really appreciate it. Thanks to its friendly GUI, I did not need to make an effort to use it fluently. SkyCiv helped me verify my hand calculation in the report as well as choose the best design. I hope in the future, ENG1001 students will continue to have the opportunity to access this great application."
1st year engineering student, Monash University
Professor Owen Hildreth from Arizona State University

Professor Owen Hildreth from Arizona State University has incorporated SkyCiv Cloud Engineering Software into Principles of Mechanical Design for the last couple of years. In Owen's own words: "It is much faster than FEA and helps emphasize the concepts of using problem simplification and analytical solutions for design". Students use the analytical results to make design decisions.

Design and analyse faster, easier, smarter.

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