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Sam Team Photo

Sam Carigliano

CEO & Co-founder

With a double degree in Civil Engineering/Commerce from the University of New South Wales, Sam is responsible for the day-to-day operations, functions and vision of SkyCiv. His technical knowledge, development skills and business experience led him as co-founder of SkyCiv in 2014.

Paul Team Photo

Paul Comino

CTO & Co-Founder

Paul graduated in First Class Honours with a double degree in Mechanical Engineering/Commerce from the University of New South Wales in 2014. With a great attention to detail and technical expertise, Paul co-founded SkyCiv in 2014 and now heads all aspects of Product Development.

Sales and Marketing

Zoe Team Photo

Zoe Liang

Digital Marketing Strategy

With more than 4 years experience in digital marketing, Zoe is managing all digital channels for SkyCiv and is responsible for company growth from a marketing perspective. Her aim is to draw expertise from the whole team in order to better support SkyCiv users to utilise the software for great project productivity and client satisfaction.

Trevor Team Photo

Trevor Solie

US Onboarding Engineer

Trevor joins us from a structural design firm where he gained experience in structural analysis and design. Trevor combines his practical engineering knowledge with his passion in helping people, to help support SkyCiv users with their projects and technical assistance needs.

Product Development

Sergey Team Photo

Sergey Lozovik

Senior Product Development

Sergey has more than 12 years of Structural Engineering experience; specializing in bridge design and civil structures. Bringing a wealth of technical expertise and skills in software development, makes him a fantastic addition to the development team.

Michael Team Photo

Michael Malgin

Senior Product Development

Michael is an experienced Structural Engineer with a background in software development. With more than 5 years experience in structural analysis and FEM modelling. Michael's main focusses on design modules, integrations and concrete analysis.

Mico Team Photo

Mico Dalistan

Product Development

Bringing a wealth of technical expertise and skills in software development, makes Mico a fantastic addition to the development team. With passion, experience and more than 8 years experience in structural design.

Patrick Team Photo

Patrick Garcia

Product Development

Patrick is the Product Manager for SkyCiv's Wind Load software - combining his passion for programming with his Masters in Structural Engineering, Pat is a welcomed addition to the SkyCiv Team.

Albert Team Photo

Albert Pamonag

Product Development

With more than 4 years in Structural Design, Albert is applying his technical experience with his programming capabilities on projects such as Foundation Design.

Jerome Team Photo

Jerome San Juan

Product Development

Jerome joined SkyCiv in 2018 after more than 3 years experience in construction management and engineering. With strong attention to detail and passion for programming, Jerome has worked on delivering new features in Structural 3D as well as our Foundation Design software.

Fredrick Team Photo

Frederick Lim

QA Engineer

Frederick has more than 4 years experience in the field of Structural Engineering with the sole purpose to ensure the quality and accuracy of SkyCiv products. Fred applies his knowledge as an experienced structural engineer to testing the software and writing procedural unity tests to verify the results and funcionality of SkyCiv software.

Brendan Team Photo

Brendan Horne

Product Development

Brendan is an undergraduate student in his penultimate year of a Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His interests are in sustainable development, decentralised communities and development of modelling software. Brendan is currently assisting in the development of new and existing design modules for Australian structural codes.