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Take advantage of the advanced and integrated
SkyCiv platform to bring your residential structure project
from conception through construction.

Take advantage of the advanced and integrated SkyCiv platform to bring your wood structure project from conception through construction.
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residential structural analysis design software

Residential Design, made Easy.

Design software for structural engineers and architects.

SkyCiv Structural Analysis and Design software is focused on being fast, easy and accurate. This supports the residential and home industry, as being able to turn designs around quickly is critical to meeting your client's needs.

SkyCiv helps by supporting all necessary analysis and design needs. This includes all aspects of home design, including beams, columns, plates, foundations, wind/snow loads, retaining walls and much more..

Integrations with Revit and other software also helps engineers work faster and easier, saving users having to rebuild models that already exist.

What's Possible?

Features that will accelerate your residential structure's design
Integrated Section Properties
3rd-Party File Import Support
Modeling and FEA
Integrated Design
SkyCiv Wood analysis

Fully Customizable and Integrated Section Properties

Use shapes from a variety of databases, or create your own custom ones from a combination of shapes. Import complex DXF drawings of custom sections for analysis as well. The Section Builder will find all the section's properties using a FEA of the section. Every section can be used for 3D modeling and analysis through the Structural 3D integration.

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3rd-Party File Import Support

Get a headstart on your residential wood or cold-formed steel project using the various supported 3rd-party file import types such as:

  • Revit (.RVT)
  • .DWG
  • .DXF
  • .CSV
  • Excel, Grasshopper and more...

With correctly formatted 3rd-party files, get the majority of modeling done for your project right from the start.

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SkyCiv Truss FEA Analysis

Full Featured Modeling Tools and FEA Analysis

Engineers become proficient in SkyCiv Structural 3D in as little as a few hours, not weeks. The streamlined user interface gives you all the modeling power without congestion. Take advantage of the intuitive tools that make generating any type of residential wood or cold-formed steel structure a breeze.

With SkyCiv’s FEA solver, run your structural model using the following analysis methods:

  • Linear Static Analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • P-Delta Analysis
  • Dynamic Frequency
  • Response Spectrum
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05_integrated_design, structural engineering

Integrated Design Module with Exportable and Detailed Design Reports

When your structural model is complete, import the analytical results into the Member Design module to run the design checks in accordance with the relevant code. E.g., NDS 2018, AISI S100-12, etc.

The design module will present the results clearly and effectively, while offering individual member hand calculations. These reports depict hand-calc walkthroughs with code references, which serve great as deliverables on your project or for backchecking -- eliminate that blackbox!

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Intuitive Collaboration

With the online connectivity of the SkyCiv platform, share project files with your engineering team for constant collaboration throughout the project.

With Version History, keep track of changes made to the structural model with annotated comments. If errors are made, revert your model to any previously saved version. Monitor issues associated with projects using 3rd party apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

SkyCiv Collaboration
Live support with the SkyCiv cloud structural engineering software team

Live Chat Support

Take advantage of the Live Chat feature and share your project with the SkyCiv team directly to get immediate feedback like you haven’t with other structural engineering software.

Case Studies

Tried and Tested by Real Engineers around the World
SkyCiv Roof Lantern Case Study

Roof Lantern

Our frequent users at Made for Trade in the UK used SkyCiv Structural 3D to model and analyze this roof frame for verification from governing bodies.

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SkyCiv York, SkyCiv case study, skyciv engineering

Luxury Residential

Located in rural North Yorkshire in England, this unique project with it's "three-sided glazing" design was considered a large residential luxury development.

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SkyCiv Dream Museum Entech Innovation Case Study

Mass Timber

Jeremy Crandall from Lam-Wood Systems and SkyCiv dived into some questions about the Mass Timber and wood design within the structural engineering and construction industry as a whole.

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