SkyCiv has been working hard to improve our Structural Analysis and Design Software adding updates and features to our platform. One of these relates to our commitment to open, transparent and professional reporting for our users. No more guessing what the software is doing, review the assumptions, intermediate results and final design criteria which are all clearly recorded and displayed so that you have full transparency in what you're designing.

Recently, SkyCiv Design was updated to include detailed step by step calculations in their design reports for AISC 360. Prior to this, design was limited to a table summary which showed the pass/fail criteria of each member. With detailed reports, users can now see an in-depth review of the computations, assumptions and steps used by the software - so you know exactly where the results come from! Note that while the update that we are elaborating is from SkyCiv Design, this is also integrated with the other SkyCiv modules, such as SkyCiv Beam and Structural 3D.

About the Update

Initially, the detailed reporting is being released with the following design modules:

As mentioned above, detailed reports are only available to these specified modules. Eventually, this will also be added to all the listed steel member design codes within the SkyCiv software, including Eurocode 3, AS 4100 and CSA S16 design modules. This feature can be accessed at anytime, by clicking the small report button to the right of your result summary table:

how to remove black box in skyciv design structural software

As the software is all cloud based, this update has automatically become available to all users on our Professional Account. You can register for a Free 14-day trial for our Professional Account here, to trial our full suite of powerful Structural Analysis and Design software:


SkyCiv reports, as always, are clear, professional and in a PDF format. Here is an extract out of the SkyCiv AISC 360 design software, showing a shear check being calculated:

Full-calcs-aisc-360-10 AISC 360 Example Design Report

The detailed report is an expansion of the design summary. It is important for civil engineers to verify the computations of the structural analysis software. SkyCiv displays the design process by completely presenting the solutions of each item that need to be verified. This gives an added convenience to the user as it allows the for the quick identification of the variables and values applied to them.

Frederick Lim Structural Engineer, Product Development
Frederick Lim
Structural Engineer, Product Development
BEng (Civil)