AS 4100:2020 Steel Design Software

The SkyCiv AS 4100:2020 Steel Member Design tool is designed to aid structural engineers in the calculation of steel member capacities and limit state design in accordance with AS 4100:2020. The tool supports standard Australian steel sections and custom/fabricated sections. The following section shapes are supported:

  • I Sections
  • T Sections
  • Parallel Flange Channels (PFC)
  • Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS)
  • Square Hollow Sections (SHS)
  • Circular Hollow Sections (CHS)

This tool carries out a comprehensive check of section and member capacities in any axis/direction, for bending moment, shear force and axial force (including combined actions). The calculation results have been independently verified against the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) Design Capacity Tables to ensure their accuracy.

AS 4100 Calculator

AS 4100:2020 Steel Design Software

  • Design to AS 4100:2020

  • Bending, Shear, Biaxial Checks

  • Integrated with the SkyCiv Section Database

  • Full Calculation Reporting

  • Built by Engineers

  • Access to this Tool and a Library of 70+ Design Tools
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About the AS 4100 Steel Design Calculator

How to Design a Custom Steel Section

The SkyCiv Steel Design calculator allows users to design custom (or fabricated) steel sections in accordance with AS 4100:2020. Simply select your required Shape and then select "Custom" in the Section dropdown menu. This will automatically set the steel Grade to "Custom" allowing the user to input a custom yield strength for the fabricated section. Note, all calculations for Custom sections assume the section is comprised of heavily welded steel plates (instead of a hot rolled / cold formed steel section).

How to Design a Member for Negative Bending Moment

This calculator allows for sections to be designed for positive and negative bending moments in either axis. A positive bending moment input value will be checked for positive bending (i.e. compression at the top or left side of the section) and a negative input value will be checked for negative bending (i.e. compression at the bottom or right side of the section).

How to Design a Member for Tension

This calculator supports member capacity checks for axial tension and compression. A positive axial force input will be checked for compression and a negative axial force input will be checked for tension.

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